Window Vinyl (Perforated or Cling)

Here at ACS we offer a large variety of window films. We offer any kind of custom graphic prints that you would like to put on any window. Whether it is for your store front for marketing reasons, or if you would like to add a nice graphic design to a indoor or outdoor window at home. Not only do we do custom vinyl prints for a decorative window film, but we do custom large format cutouts for window stikers as well, our abilities are limitless so be sure to let us know what you want.

Window Vinyl (Perforated)

Window Tint

Window Vinyl (Cling)

Frosted Privacy Window Film

Types Of Window Film

Window Vinyl

  • Perforated Window Film – This material goes through a perforated process in a special machine where it accurately pokes reasonably small holes that when finished we can print on it and once its applied on a window you’re able to see through the vinyl inside out the window. Market what you need to advertise on the storefront of your business or on the windows of a automobile of whatever custom graphic you have, or we can provide graphic designs if needed. Enjoy your window display with the added benefits of privacy and minimizing harsh sunlight.
  • Cling Window Vinyl– This material makes contact to your window with static causing a bond, and since there’s no adhesive this material is easy to remove. Being that there is a lack of adhesive it’s only recommended for indoor use to maximize the material for your gorgeous display. Good for large windows with minimal traffic on the inside side of the window, or for anything else that is do-able.
  • Vinyl Window Decals–  Any kind of decal that you would like can be done, we can do any cut out’s allowing creativity to flow for your display. Options varying from simple decals of store name, hours and contact information to any kind of large creative window decal that can be thought of. Since this is a window decal and not perforated vinyl it will block the visibility of that window.

(We can always do perforated film cut outs for decals if ever needed, we try to make anything happen.)

Window Privacy

  • Frosted Window Film– Frosted window film is an awesome way to add some privacy to whatever window it’s applied to. People range their use of this film from office spaces to residential spaces for bathrooms or more. If just a plain window frost is too bland for your taste we’re able to do custom cutouts, or we can print on it as well with any image that you would like.
  • Window Tint– This option is mainly (but not limited to) used for store fronts. Our architectural window film selection not only offers privacy but it also offers the amazing performance of blocking out most of the heat and damaging UV rays, which is why most people use it for their storefront. This film comes in different finishes from many shades of tint, to different mirror finishes that have different color shades to them as well. We also have window tint without the heat blocking performance for indoor use making it a more cost effective as well.
  • Security Film– Once installed our line of security film gives protection to windows its placed on making it shatter/break-proof. It wouldn’t be 100% break proof, but it will definitely cost the vandal much more work than they anticipated costing them time. They would have to repeatedly hit the window with a hammer over and over and depending on the thickness of the film will depend on how quickly they’re able to break through it. We can make this workout with any of the different finishes above.