Wall Vinyl Wrap

With our large format printers we can print out any wallpaper of your choosing. We can do wallpaper with custom print designs to any kind of image that you would like on our vinyl material. Once you let us know where you would want to apply it we will then determine what material to use and make it happen from there.


This is extremely fun and enjoyable for children, watch their faces light up when they see the walls of their room covered with their favorite sport, hobby, or cartoon character.


Us adults can have fun with this too, decorate any wall of your choosing with a scenery image, or of a global map like we did here our office. Or maybe of any preexisting wallpaper pattern or a custom wallpaper design pattern, whatever is let us know and we can make it happen!


Is your wall too bland for your business? Are you wanting to add some life to that wall for a presentable environment? Look no more because we’re the people for you if you! Reach out to us and let us know what you’re wanting, send us a file (if applicable), and we’ll make it a effortless, stress free process for you.

Questions we frequently get asked a lot is if the adhesive of the wallpaper will damage the wall, and the answer is no! Since we’re not using traditional wallpaper our application is not permanent or semi-permanent. We print all of our wallpaper designs of a vinyl material with adhesive that will not damage the paint on the walls, you can remove the vinyl from the wall whenever you like. The current quality of paint on your walls will determine any damage or not, if we are placing the wallpaper on an old wall with old cracking paint the chances of the paint peeling is more likely vs a wall with a newer coat of paint.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have a wall with a gloss finish paint and you would like vinyl wallpaper applied to that wall it would have to be prepped to adhere properly. With a gloss finish painted wall the vinyl doesn’t stick to it due to the gloss additive of the paint; the vinyl is reluctant to adhere to the wall and won’t stick on. No worries because there is a easy fix, we would just do a light sand down on the area of the wall and repaint the wall with whatever color you would like but in a matte finish. This will cause the vinyl to be applied properly allowing it to last and making it for easy removal if the time ever comes.