Contex ScanStation Pro Series, 42″- 60″

ScanStation includes

  • Your choice of scanner (HD Ultra X or iQ Quattro X)
  • Nextimage 5 software
  • low floor stand
  • 21.5-inch touchscreen
  • arms for monitor and bracket
  • shelves for PC and keyboard
  • Keyboard and PC not included

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The Ultimate Scanning Experience

Boost your scan, copy and archiving productivity to get the best out of all your originals. It’s the most productive scanner for scanning service professionals.


HD Ultra X

The ScanStation Pro solution combined with the HD Ultra X scanner is a force to be reckoned with. Actually, it doesn’t get much more premium and productive than that.

With state of the art CCD technology, a user-friendly interface with award-winning software, Optimized Thick Media Adjustment (OTAC), great depth of focus and having everything bundled together at one spot – that is what you need to create a productive and professional scanning environment.


IQ Quattro X

IQ Quattro X as a ScanStation Pro solution is the ideal choice if you want a setup, where efficiency is a given.

The IQ Quattro X scanner captures every detail in your originals because of its advanced 48-bit CIS-technology. Combined with a 21.5-inch touchscreen, where you can operate, edit and share from, this solution makes work life much easier. And the workflow faster.

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ScanStation Pro

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