Large Format Scanning & Archiving Services


What is archiving? Archiving is transferring (data) less frequently used storage medium to a different but still organized location where that information is stored and is still trackable when needed again and frees up space for more frequently used archives. Its a good efficient storage management system while cleaning up and organizing the contents (info) and maintaining.


Scanning for archiving is the most preferred method, grab a document or image and scan it to upload it as a digital file. It’s amazing, being able to upload a document onto your computer, and save it as your desired file onto your computer. There are many reasons for doing this, one would be for document management. As handy as this method is more big businesses it can also come in handy for our own personal use too. You can also benefit from sharing documents or pictures to anyone that we desire to send it to instantly. Another reason would be for safe storage, sore away sensitive documents or personal photos incase of any kind of fire, water damage, or theft.


When you scan your desired document/image you then have the option to upload it to a dropbox on the cloud to be able to access it anywhere. Upload a document at home or the office and be able to have access to it anywhere you are and anytime you need it, very versatile and everyone can benefit from it.


We are very well equipt with large format scanners being able to archive documents up to 36” (3ft). We offer archiving services in Las Vegas NV, and thanks to our strict privacy policy many large corporations trust us in archiving their sensitive documents for them, and you can too.


For people at home that would just like to scan your own personal documents at home is encouraged because it’s pretty awesome! You should be able to get away with just buying a computer scanner for your documents up to 8 x 11 and there are some that we recommend, or if you would like to own a large format scanner there are also some options that we recommend too.


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