Backlit Images

Impress your customers with long-lasting backlit displays full of high-impact color and brilliant, true-to-life images – with or without backlight. We are able to increase our output capacity and deliver quick response times with our fast-drying prints. Another benefit of our material is that its easy to work with and it’s recyclable!

Product Overview

  • Produce brilliant, razor-sharp images no matter what the application. The porous coating on the printable front side of this media enhances image definition and provides excellent color contrast, even without backlight.
  • Avoid smudges and smears with these fast-drying prints. Keep post-processing running smoothly with this thick, stiff film designed for easy handling to resist folds and creases, and to stay in place.
  • As mentioned earlier this material is recyclable, since we’re a certified HP dealer we have a special take-back program. All this is, is a free and convenient return and recycling program.